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Call it irony or fate or a little of both. Curly Tail was an idea hatched around a family breakfast table of eggs, pancakes and of course, bacon. The idea was simple…to create clothing that works as well on game-day as it does at the office or on the sofa in front of the TV.

Why is The Curly Tail Pig smiling? Because like you, The Curly Tail Pig gets to hang out with family, friends and co-workers every day. Curly Tail is about exceptional and unique products that are uncommon but welcome everywhere. 

Why are you smiling? Because you know you’re soon going to be looking good, feeling good and helping others in the process. And to keep you smiling, you get our guarantee of complete satisfaction. From our family to you, thank you for buying, wearing and enjoying Curly Tail.


The Cole Family, founders of Curly Tail Clothing.